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Logitech G533 Software Download – The G533 makes an interesting counterpoint to its precursors. Bring up photos of 2016’s G633 as well as G933 headset, the heirs evident to Logitech’s old G930– cumbersome air-traffic-controller shape, coffin-shaped earcups, RGB lighting, edgy accent decors. The video game aesthetic. Take every one of that as well as toss it out.

Logitech G533 Software Download

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It’s professional-looking, though. I’m not precisely sure photos do the G533 justice, because so much of its appeal hinges on the information– the means the headband curves around the earcups, or the little groove the microphone tucks back right into. The G533 expands on me a bit much more daily, with brand-new nuances revealed even after weeks of usage.


This is the most effective a Logitech headset has ever before looked, I believe. Not that I minded the G633/933 pair– they had a specific space allure, and also I enjoyed the covert microphone. The G533’s microphone is very discreet for a pc gaming headset however not completely seated like the G633.

Yet the smooth curves of the G533, the way the matte and also piano blacks complement each various other, the circular ears– this doesn’t resemble the Logitech I’m used to. Razer, perhaps, or a much more well-known audio company like Audio-Technica or Sennheiser. However, for Logitech, the G533 is an additional substantial step forward cosmetically.

The G533 additionally appears better developed than the 633/933. It’s bigger, however additionally lighter, and less vice-grip tight than the G633/933. The plastic seems higher-quality as well, with much less of that “creaky joints” sound the G633/933 had when bent.

The G533’s controls have been streamlined a bit compared to the G933, showing off just a power button, volume roller, a Micro USB port for billing, and also a solitary programmable “G trick” that defaults to silencing as well as unmuting the microphone. This is a little bit repetitive, though, given that the receiver mutes when you turn it up, so I ultimately reprogrammed mine using Logitech’s software to turn border audio on as well as off, and after that, later on, reprogrammed it again to cycle through EQ setups.

As I said, the microphone does not pull back totally like the G633/933, but it’s or else extremely comparable– an inflexible base with an extending (as well as versatile) boom arm. There’s a single red LED to suggest mute standing, though it’s so little and also tough to see that it’s generally an additional argument to make use of the G533’s flip-to-mute capacities simply. There’s additionally a mini pop filter, which we’ll reach later on.

The only point I’m not thrilled about is that Logitech continues to make use of a scratchy mesh for all its headsets. I’m extra a leatherette follower, going to endure a bit extra heat for a softer material, however, that’s a tiny complaint, and also Logitech is rarely alone being used mesh. Something to be aware of, though. (Ideally, the microfiber earpads added to the G433 make their way to the G533, even as an optional add-on.).


Logitech obtained my hopes up by positioning the G533 as a stripped-down variation of the G633/G933, yet using the same vehicle drivers– the ramification being similar audio top quality. Drivers are just one factor in a headset’s audio, though, and after meticulously A/B evaluating the G533 and G933, I assume the last has a slight side.

Not that there’s a massive distinction. The pair share Logitech’s passion for level, studio-Esque noise, with the G533 seeming a little bit brighter than many competitors best out of the package– mostly since it does not load the overwhelming bass pushed right into most gaming headsets. It’s a good step by Logitech, allowing the individual EQ to taste instead of nailing a single noise profile to the detriment of all others.

Most people will wish to improve the bass existence, though. Also, as with the G933, I suggest making use of the still-stupidly-named Drop the Bass EQ embedding in Logitech’s software, after that doing some marginal tweaking to preference. That’ll obtain your closest to settings many people would want for pc gaming, including a bit more punch to the mix.

Yet, regardless of the resemblances, I maintain that the G933 has the benefit. There’s an immediacy to the G933, a volume, or richness of audio that the G533 does not share. Especially at reduced qualities, I’ve discovered the G533 does not have the oomph of the G933, having a hard time a bit to provide the same signature sound phase as the G933.

Surround-sound efficiency is much more hit-or-miss. The G533 battles a little bit with stereo noise, but its digital 7.1 setting appears positively hollow at times, dropping in and out of that awkward echo-chamber effect, I associate with lousy headset surround. It comes and goes, and also with an excellent surround mix, the G533 still appears beautiful– in Combat zone 1, for example. But where I was semi-warm on the G933’s border, I would not call it a marketing factor for the G533. It’s



  • Height: 197 mm
  • Width: 189 mm
  • Depth: 85 mm
  • Weight: 350 g


  • Driver: Pro-G 40 mm
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz-20 kHz
  • Impedance: 32 Ohms
  • Sensitivity: 107 dB SPL/mW
  • Charging Cable Length: 2 m
  • Battery Life: 15 hours*
  • Wireless Range: 15 m


  • Pickup Pattern: Cardioid (Unidirectional)
  • Type: Pressure Gradient Electret Condenser
  • Size: 4mm
  • Frequency response: 100Hz-20KHz

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