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Logitech G25 Software Download – The G25 gets off to a great start when you open up its not inconsiderably-sized box because your olfactory senses are struck with the unique smell of natural leather. Sure, comparable degrees of delight can be derived from unboxing Logitech’s less expensive Momo-branded wheel, however, that wheel does not include the G25’s splendid brushed steel paddle shifters and also pedals. Shut your eyes and also you could almost imagine that you lag the wheel of a Ferrari, Lamborghini or Aston Martin. And then there’s also the solid, substantial feel to three different components of the G25: guiding wheel, pedals as well as gearshift-cum-joypad controller.

Logitech G25 Software Download

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All the G25’s odds and also turfs are linked to the steering wheel’s base, consisting of the power pack as well as a USB cable. The ports for all these cables stay in a tooth cavity on the steering wheel’s base. This layout permits the G25’s wheel device to keep a great and also tidy account– one unplanned reviewer also presumed as to call it “car-like” and “aerodynamic”. Nevertheless, we envision that many G25 set-ups will call for proprietors to frequently pack and also unbox the steering wheel between uses, as well as it’s here that tucking the wires into their joggers is quite a pain, especially on the very first couple of events.

Theoretically, both meter USB cable television seems adequately long, yet when we were utilizing the G25 away from a PC it normally turned up simply a little bit brief; we either needed to relocate things around to accommodate the wheel or use a USB cable extender.


Both the guiding wheel and gearshift boxes have adjustable clamps so that they can be securely affixed to a table. If you’re making use of the G25 with a PS2 or PS3 in the living room, be prepared to do a little of area re-arrangement since, unlike the Logitech Driving Force Pro steering wheel, which was packed with the PS2 and Grandma Turismo 4, there’s no accessory permitting you to make use of the G25 in between your legs. Although if you have that older wheel’s attachment, it works surprisingly well with the G25.

Joining the currently mentioned combed metal bits as well as the liberal use of dead cow, the G25’s various other heading functions are its clutch and also six-speed transmission. Like the guiding wheel, the gear handle is bound in natural leather as well as, therefore, feels great in the hand. The gearbox runs in a couple of settings, either as a sequential tap-up, tap-down shifter, or a gated six-speed box. In six-speed mode, the gate is so badly specified– think of mixing a ladle through a barrel of chilly, day-old porridge– that selecting the incorrect gear is an all also constant occurrence.

Slide package right into the consecutive setting, as well as the shifter, ends up being redundant; altering equipment with the wheel placed paddle shifts is not just quicker yet even more pleasing also, with the paddles cool down to the touch and also emitting an especially rewarding snick on interaction. Mid-corner changes require miraculous attention, however, since with the paddles mounted to the wheel instead of the base, it’s all as well simple to move down when you indicate to shift up. Although none of the games that we carried hand sustained the clutch, we presume that it as well, like the six-speed gate, falls into the realm of gimmickry. Nevertheless, who wants to complete 2nd because crucial tenths-of-a-second were squandered clutching in as well as out.


Boasting 900-degrees of movement, or 2.5 turns lock-to-lock, the G25 makes a good beginning on its path to the realistic look. Stepping up from other wheels, though, it takes a couple of races to get made use of to the additional steering initiative needed, especially in low-speed edges. When acclimatized, the G25 awards you with responses that obtains rather close to the real point– ripple strips feel extremely like, well, ripple strips not like an electro-mechanical nubbin that’s attempting to pull your arms free of their sockets.

When we mated the G25 with Grandmother Turismo HD Principle and also Grandma Turismo 5 Prologue on the PS3, we almost fell off our seats, so giddy were we with delirium. Pick an Integra Type-R as well as you can feel the guiding tighten up under acceleration, expanding to a wink-wink-nudge-nudge tip of torque steer. Yet with a Lotus Elise, the wheel is lighter and talkative sufficient that you can feel when the car’s rear will step out.

The pedals’ heft allied with the rug grabber (a studded flick-down tab) guarantees that the pedals don’t move also under the hardest braking. However, a bad mark point or 2 is made by the whimpering noise made by the G25’s electric motor. It’s a trifle irritating however it’s only evident when the wheel is winding its method from lock to secure throughout calibration or self-centering.



  • Brand: Logitech
  • Product Line: Logitech
  • Model: G25 Racing
  • Packaged Quantity: 1
  • Compatibility: Game console, PC


  • Product Type: wheel, pedals, and gear shift lever set
  • Connectivity Technology: wired
  • Interface: USB


  • Type: Drivers & Utilities

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